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Grupo Fraqmaq

More than 40 years of market built
with credibility and quality

As a National Leader in developing customized
paper shredders, crushers, hydraulic press and
conveyors, FRAGMAQ is a 100% Brazilian Company,
since 1974 present in the market with a history full...

Sistema de Gestão Integrado

Industrial Crusher Line Oriented to Solid Waste

Give more quality and high performance to your company with the full line of Solid Waste Crushers that Fragmaq is making available. This equipment can process several types of materials, meeting diverse demands. Furthermore, Fragmaq has market intelligence to produce exclusive projects together with your company. Always bringing the best results with state-of-art technology.

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Line of Paper Shredders

See all the equipment that Fragmaq has to meet the needs of various segments of the market.

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Large Industrial Paper Shredder F-50

This equipment has all its accesses enclosed or monitored by safety sy...


Commercial Paper Shredder F-22

Equipment designed to work in continuous usage, without shutdown for c...


Commercial Paper Shredder F-22 L

This is a versatile equipment with bold design, suitable to several co...


Our Products

Get to know the differentials and technical features of Fragmaq's equipment. Click on the options below.

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Motor and Manual Hydraulic Bundling Press P-250

Check as follows the main advantages and specifications of Fragmaqâ...


Aluminum Can Press P-100D

Trust in Fragmaq’s quality and ensure the best results in terms...


Manual Paper Press P-350

Check out the main advantages of Hydraulic Manual Press P-30 and have...


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